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We want your home to stand out from the crowd. We want you to get top dollars from your sale. Therefore we need to be different from what the others are doing! 

Chris Lee

Singapore Best Real Estate Agent


A down-to-earth guy who started off in the Singapore real estate industry with a passion to serve and fulfilling his client’s real estate needs. Chris Lee takes pride in his job and knows how his customer think, they need and deserve accurate current market information, honesty, trust, and a property agent who has integrity and professionalism to serve them.

Most importantly his personal success comes very much from his clients’ support and without them, Chris Lee will not be where he is today. Majority of his clients are through the mode of referrals and he strongly believe in service & word of mouth as you only recommend the best to your friends and families. And that’s where his business continues to grow.

With the large exposure and experience in Choa Chu Kang and Woodlands, Chris Lee property has since helped many of his clients restructure their property portfolios to keep up with the ever changing times. Chris Lee wouldn’t claim to be the Singapore best real estate agent but is definitely amongst one of the top property agent you can rely on.

Chris Lee is also currently leading a team of realtors. If you are keen to join the real estate industry or if you have any enquiry on how to better market your listings, do contact Chris for a non-obligation discussion.

Here are some of the most common questions Chris Lee received;

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A simple Sms/whatsapp to Chris Lee would clear all your doubts immediately. Take action now!

From clients to friends, it will be Chris’ pleasure to answer all your property needs.

Selling Your Home?

Would you like us to help you sell your home? Speak to us for a non-obligatory discussion. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


Stunning 360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tour allows our targeted audience a robust, 360-degree view of any home or room. Potential buyers can take a visual walk through a your home and check out every room and spaces in your flat. Compared to just posting photos, this technology offers a more accurate and realistic experience.


Professional Photography

Moving, removing and basic styling a property are all things that your professional photographer should take into account prior to even getting their camera out of the bag. This ensures that what will reach the public as the first point of contact is used to draw in your prospective buyer through emotion.


Home Staging

Home staging or makeover can increase the saleability of your home as it allows potential buyers to visualise the full potential and value of your home, achieving a quicker sale. It starts from a very initial point called the first impression. And what we want is to make sure they go "wow" over your home!


Videography Home Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million quote. If you can make someone envision living at a property you're selling, you're well on your way toward making a sale. This can be accomplished through property home tour. With real estate video tours, you're essentially giving someone a viewing around the clock, as many times they would like to view without the pressure.


Creative Scripts

Our success lies in how we make your property stand out from the crowd. We’re full of creative ideas to elevate your property’s marketing. Each video we create for a listing comes with a unique script designed for each unit that uses creative angles to best represent the property. Despite having marketed many different units, we are continuously able to find new angles to create hype over each unit.


Social Media Marketing

Times have changed! Posting photos of your home to various property portals and wait for that lucky phone call to come in is simply not fair to you! It isn't going to generate enough interest to hype up your property. Instead of waiting for buyers, why not reach out to them? We adopted passive and active marketing strategies using not only traditional methods but also digital marketing specifically targeting at these buyers.


Our Team has transacted more than 500+ properties! We make sure every home listed with us is SOLD! Here are some of our units sold within 21 days!

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Singapore Best Real Estate Agents
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